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US-6850914-B1: Revocation information updating method, revocation informaton updating apparatus and storage medium patent, US-7304757-B2: System and method for secure printing patent, US-7499998-B2: Arrangement in a server for providing dynamic domain name system services for each received request patent, US-8378375-B2: Light emitting apparatus having a partition patent, US-8480267-B2: LED lighting apparatus, systems and methods of manufacture patent, US-7328242-B1: Using multiple simultaneous threads of communication patent, US-7372152-B2: Copper interconnect systems patent, US-8202588-B2: Hybrid ceramic structure with internal cooling arrangements patent, US-6899140-B2: Flexible pipe and method of manufacturing same using metal reinforced tape patent, US-8011139-B2: Rapid install mantle patent, US-7745483-B2: 2-Halofuryl-thienyl-3-carboxamides patent, US-8249310-B2: Image processing apparatus and method and program patent, US-8103764-B2: Method and apparatus for matching trigger pattern patent, US-7085731-B1: Computer system configuration and method for a store patent, US-7897709-B2: Single chain-end functionalized polyolefin patent, US-7034204-B2: Plant regulatory sequences for selective control of gene expression patent, US-7736731-B2: Composite structure and method for forming the same patent, US-8567621-B2: Closure and container having the same patent, US-8300905-B2: Adaptive image processing and display for digital and computed radiography images patent, US-7495223-B2: Photomultiplier tube, photomultiplier tube unit, and radiation detector patent, US-6907652-B1: Pipe connecting method patent, US-7223388-B2: Modified reoviral therapy patent, US-7326960-B2: Semiconductor circuit constructions patent, US-7943246-B2: Solar control glazing patent, US-7435152-B2: Apparatus and method for centrifugal material deposition and products thereof patent, US-7553644-B2: Detection and treatment of polycystic kidney disease patent, US-7229530-B2: Method for reducing undesirable odors generated by paper hand towels patent, US-7083794-B2: Recombinant vaccines comprising immunogenic attenuated bacteria having RpoS positive phenotype patent, US-8198688-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit device with MOSFET limiter circuit patent, US-8260456-B2: Retail shelf supply monitoring system patent, US-7156598-B2: Waffle stud for insert molded plastic members patent, US-7221466-B2: Image processing device, image processing method and image forming apparatus patent, US-8460697-B2: Pro-angiogenic peptides and uses thereof patent, US-7822505-B2: Article dispensing device and method patent, US-7926186-B2: Releasable pike pole patent, US-8389433-B2: Hydroprocessing bulk catalyst and methods of making thereof patent, US-7178592-B2: Closed loop multiphase underbalanced drilling process patent, US-7143441-B2: Wireless device mobile application security system patent, US-7240768-B2: Flapper finger valve patent, US-7528116-B2: Kinase suppressor of Ras inactivation for therapy of Ras mediated tumorigenesis patent, US-5865707-A: Shift control method for an automatic transmission based upon slippage rates of engagement elements patent, US-7833698-B2: Method for determining the response to cancer therapy patent, US-7968306-B2: Method for measuring activity of a specific fraction of albumin patent, US-7588914-B2: Bacterial Bcl-2 domain-containing polypeptides, encoding nucleic acid molecules, and related methods patent, US-7930843-B2: Track trencher propulsion system with component feedback patent, US-8331854-B2: Broadband repeater with security for ultrawideband technologies patent, US-8239356-B2: Methods and apparatuses for data protection patent, US-8361021-B2: System for reducing air bubbles in a fluid delivery line patent, US-6936581-B2: Processes for preparing anhydrous detergent granules patent, US-7309024-B2: Wick assembly for dispensing a volatile liquid from a container and method of assembling same patent, US-7465336-B2: Fuel deoxygenation system with non-planar plate members patent, US-7069298-B2: Fault-tolerant distributed system for collaborative computing patent, US-7408233-B2: Semiconductor device having N-channel thin film transistor with LDD regions and P-channel thin film transistor with LDD region patent, US-8019479-B2: Control algorithm of variable speed pumping system patent, US-7950818-B2: LED lamps and LED driver circuits for the same patent, US-7221988-B2: Creation and display of indices within a process plant patent, US-7861050-B2: Systems and methods for combining data streams in a storage operation patent, US-8558041-B2: Isothermal multitube reactors and processes incorporating the same patent, US-7488704-B2: Invert drilling fluids for use in drilling in subterranean formations patent, US-8002624-B2: Gaming machine reel having a flexible dynamic display patent, US-8142304-B2: Golf round data system golf club telemetry patent, US-7776942-B2: Polyester polymer and copolymer compositions containing particles of titanium nitride and carbon-coated iron patent, US-7712138-B2: Method and system for configuring and scheduling security audits of a computer network patent, US-8090452-B2: Methods and apparatus for control using control devices that provide a virtual machine environment and that communicate via an IP network patent, US-696867-A: Compound steam-turbine. patent, US-734774-A: Wine-press. patent, US-7227144-B2: Scanning transmission electron microscope and scanning transmission electron microscopy patent, US-7424600-B2: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program conversion apparatus, in which stack memory is used with improved efficiency patent, US-6991678-B2: Process for preparing microporous crystalline titanium silicate patent, US-7438945-B2: Method of producing multilayer interconnection board patent, US-8375572-B2: Method for creating a silicone encased flexible cable patent, US-7262258-B2: Process for producing copolymer patent, US-7271230-B2: Norbornene compounds with cross-linkable groups and their derivatives patent, US-7580944-B2: Business intelligent architecture system and method patent, US-7784176-B2: Crimping apparatus and metal terminal patent, US-8541241-B2: Fluid-specimen collecting and testing device and method for recording chromatographic assay test results patent, US-7001782-B1: Method and apparatus for filling interlayer vias on ferroelectric polymer substrates patent, US-7042105-B2: Methods for dicing wafer stacks to provide access to interior structures patent, US-7125456-B2: Method for cleaning a washing device of an offset printing machine patent, US-7482911-B2: Process for the output of information in a vehicle patent, US-7613254-B2: Phase detector for comparing phases of data and a plurality of clocks patent, US-8089148-B1: Circuit board and semiconductor device having the same patent, US-6959299-B2: Information presentation apparatus with meta-information management function patent, US-6989388-B2: Thieno[2,3-c]iosquinolines for use as inhibitors of PARP patent, US-7160582-B2: Method for forming on a metallic substrate a sulphur-free metallic coating patent, US-7521801-B2: Semiconductor device patent, US-8381734-B2: Patient stabilizing strap patent, US-6913681-B2: Plating method and plating apparatus patent, US-7215239-B2: Non-contact smart card interrogator, wherein across a transmission line from an antenna to a receiver the signal modulation varies between amplitude modulation and phase modulation patent, US-7303815-B2: Functional bimorph composite nanotapes and methods of fabrication patent, US-7981662-B2: Analyzer patent, US-8600285-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-7163579-B2: Method of making water resistant corrugated boards patent, US-7185345-B2: Data propagation in an activity service patent, US-7520044-B2: Aerosol can fabrication process patent, US-7875179-B2: Side stream type membrane bioreactor process patent, US-8037215-B2: Performance evaluation of algorithmic tasks and dynamic parameterization on multi-core processing systems patent, US-6837256-B2: Filler tube mounted fuel tank refueling valve patent, US-6894986-B2: Transmission managing apparatus for managing a transmission state of information patent, US-8428426-B2: Digital video recording/playback apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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